To provide users with the most comprehensive science resource, Mosa Mack is teaming up with RocketLit to try out an experiment. For eight of Mosa Mack units, you’ll find a bank of leveled articles from RocketLit. These articles come at 7 different reading levels and allow you to select which level you’d like each student to read. You can incorporate this article into your unit at a place that makes most sense for you: at the beginning as a pre-reading, after Lesson 1 to support comprehension, or as a homework assignment to prepare students for the classroom activities. 

We're starting out with 8 units where you can see RocketLit articles at the bottom of the Unit Overview



Check out these leveled readings in the following units:

Plate Tectonics

Water Cycle



Potential & Kinetic Energy

States of Matter

Atoms & Molecules

Chemical & Physical Changes


Mosa Mack and RocketLit are two separate products but to help you get what you need in the classroom while we test this out, you’ll receive a 20% off your RocketLit subscription if you are a Mosa Mack Pro user.